The secret of BDR dermaceuticals is turning back time on your skin. Challenge your skin to a duet – against the signs of the times!

Here You can find a full list of our services and prices:

BDR Hydrating Treatment
75 min 45 €
Lunch time BDR Express facial will have you feeling and looking relaxed, refreshed in only a short period of time. The result is a smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.
BDR Micromesotherapy 75 min 45 €
Is the perfect intense treatment. During the procedure, the skin is (very lightly) needled in an extremely gentle and rapid manner, creating the channels for transpor ting biologically active ingredients to where they are most effective. After this treat ment, the skin will regain a revived and radiant appearance.
BDR microdermabrasion 75 min 45 €
Controlled method of skin exfoliation and allows superficial peeling of the skin, reducing its thikness throungh mechanical abrasion of the dead skin cells. It is non-surgical, safe, and effective. This light peel can help with fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth minor pigment irregularities.
BDR Treatment for Man  75 min 45 €
BDR treatment is prescribed for ance, black heads, and skin redness or just for relaxation. This treathment is rapid and effective for healthy, glowing skin.
BDR Rejuvenating Treatment  75 min 45 €
ANTI AGING TREATMENT – this treatment improves the appearance of skin, smooths time marks, age marks and mimic wrinkles. Skin functions are reactivated, prolonging the post-treathment feeling for several days. A cource of treatments will provide you with, visibly younger, healthhier skin. 

All these facial treatments BDR included: make-up removal, peeling with “Low” to “Strong”, lactic- and citric- or glycolic, estimulation micropeel, estimulation XL, serums, massage, gel mask, led-mask, care protection.


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